Monday, 20 April 2015

Topics for English

"Police in the US are racist and shoot black people too readily."

I strongly agree with this statement.

While I was at home on my laptop, my friend shared me a video. I watched it. What I witnessed was a black man in the park, he was just standing there. The police walked up to the man, and they were talking to him. The man started running, then "BANG!" The man was shot, police are only supposed to shoot unless the perpetrator was any harm to them; they shot an unarmed man. Then the police officer dropped a stun gun next to the man on the ground. Black men get shot all the time, people judge by the colour of skin. They have feelings, their human too. They have families, they have jobs, and they have rights too. But the fact that police can just shot another human, and plant a stun gun on them makes me sick. Not only did you jeopardize your carrer, you let the people that loved that man you shot think that who they love is a killer. I rest my case.


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Describe Ontario

What is it like in Ontario? That's what my teacher asked me to write about. Well, Ontario is. Hmm, well, I really don't know how to explain it. So I will just say what I like about living in Ontario. First of all, I love the winter here, and how the snow banks get over ten meters tall. I love the cold, not because I am Canadian, "eh." But I like the cold because I honestly don't get cold, even at minus forty I wear sweaters. 

I also like Ontario for its natural beauty. In the winter the trees get a layer of ice over them that makes you feel like anything is possible. The lakes are always filled with ice shacks, and everyone is always really friendly. In the fall, the leaves come together in warm colours, and make every where the land even more beautiful than it already was. In the spring, the snow all melts, and there are puddles everywhere; anywhere you walk, you step in a foot tall puddle. Last but not least, summer. Summer is so green, the trees are all magically entwined with a layer of vines. Baseball season is out in the summer too, it's fun to play baseball in the heat, having fun with friends; and then going out to the lake for a quick little swim. 

The main thing I also like about Ontario is, that it is way more safe than most places in the world. This country makes me safe, and I know that almost everybody in Ontario is very kind, and generous. 

That's what Ontario is to me.

Friday, 27 March 2015

About Me

Hi, my name is Deanna. Welcome to my blog. My teacher asked me to write a paragraph, or two about me. But really, I don’t think you’d be interested, so just stop reading.

I write, I love to write, I create stories, and then I publish them online for reviews. I also read a lot, that’s where is get my over average writing skills. But it’s not just the writing I’m into, I also draw, and paint. I love to draw, drawing is my favorite thing to do, other than playing my laptop 24/7. I also love to play sports, baseball, badminton; volleyball, basketball, you name it, I play it.

I am also have a really deep regard to Paris, France. It is my dream spot, not just because of the Eiffel Tower, but the beauty locked away in that city intrigues me. Les pont Des Arts, Le Centre Georges Pompidou, and the L’Arc De Triomphe. There is so much more to say about Paris, but I don’t want to bore you.

I am really into video games, The Legend Of Zelda, Bully:Scholarship Edition; The Sims 4, and World Of Warcraft. I can count to 3000 in Roman Numerals, and click 574 times in 20 seconds; and I also speak seven languages. When I am older I want to be a lawyer because it makes the most money, and I love to argue. I honestly dislike being around people, especially the miss popularities. I am a nerd, and I am proud of it, I finish my work before anybody else, and I love to do my work.

So, that’s it. I am a shy, hopeless-romantic, outgoing, annoying, sporty, author, painter, and drawing kind of person. I love my friends, I may be shy around crowds, but when I’m with my friends, you’d think I’m completely insane.

My Character

Lukas is walking down the hallway, so many thoughts are racing through his mind. All he wants to do his sit in the corner, and cry. After his parents died he hasn't been the same. He is always depressed, shy, and really sensitive; and the bullying really doesn't help him get over the fact that he is all alone in his world. He has been to foster home, to foster home.
“Hey geek, where’s your herd?” Says Brody.

“Leave me alone.” Replies Lukas is a faint voice.

“No. No I won’t. So what are you going to do about it, you loser?” Brody takes Lukas’s notebook.

“Give that back!” Lukas yells.

“Why should I? You don’t even put up a fight, you’re just a little wimp.”  

“Give him his notebook back!” Yells a voice in the background.
“No! I alrea-. Oh hey Kayla.” Replies Brody.

“Brody, I know I am not going out with a jerk. Now give him his notebook back, he didn’t do anything but look at you.” Says Kayla.

“Fine. You’re my girl, so I’ll do as you say. But watch it you little wimp, next time there won’t be a girl to fight your battles.” Brody gives Lukas back his notebook, then he walks away with a grudge. Lukas turns to Kayla.

“Thank you.” Lukas says quietly.

“Well you seem like a shy one.”Kayla says.

“Yeah I am.” Lukas replies.

“Do I make you shy?” Kayla questions.

“Yes, yes you do. Especially you, because I can’t talk to girls; as you can tell. Even you beautiful girls like you.”

“Aw thanks, but as you enquired earlier I am dating the jock. But you’re really sweet.” Kayla says spontaneously.

“Uhm. D-do you want to be f-friends?” Lukas asked worryingly.

“Yes, yes I do.” Answers passionately.

“Really, did you just say yes?” Lukas asks surprisingly.

“Yes, because you seem like you could be an amazing friend.”

After a few years of Lukas, and Kayla being friends. They became best friends. She found out that under that shy, nerdy, layer of depression. There was a strong, funny, smart; courageous, admiring, cute guy. He may have had a rough past. But in the end he ends up with a great future ahead of him.