Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Describe Ontario

What is it like in Ontario? That's what my teacher asked me to write about. Well, Ontario is. Hmm, well, I really don't know how to explain it. So I will just say what I like about living in Ontario. First of all, I love the winter here, and how the snow banks get over ten meters tall. I love the cold, not because I am Canadian, "eh." But I like the cold because I honestly don't get cold, even at minus forty I wear sweaters. 

I also like Ontario for its natural beauty. In the winter the trees get a layer of ice over them that makes you feel like anything is possible. The lakes are always filled with ice shacks, and everyone is always really friendly. In the fall, the leaves come together in warm colours, and make every where the land even more beautiful than it already was. In the spring, the snow all melts, and there are puddles everywhere; anywhere you walk, you step in a foot tall puddle. Last but not least, summer. Summer is so green, the trees are all magically entwined with a layer of vines. Baseball season is out in the summer too, it's fun to play baseball in the heat, having fun with friends; and then going out to the lake for a quick little swim. 

The main thing I also like about Ontario is, that it is way more safe than most places in the world. This country makes me safe, and I know that almost everybody in Ontario is very kind, and generous. 

That's what Ontario is to me.