Monday, 20 April 2015

Topics for English

"Police in the US are racist and shoot black people too readily."

I strongly agree with this statement.

While I was at home on my laptop, my friend shared me a video. I watched it. What I witnessed was a black man in the park, he was just standing there. The police walked up to the man, and they were talking to him. The man started running, then "BANG!" The man was shot, police are only supposed to shoot unless the perpetrator was any harm to them; they shot an unarmed man. Then the police officer dropped a stun gun next to the man on the ground. Black men get shot all the time, people judge by the colour of skin. They have feelings, their human too. They have families, they have jobs, and they have rights too. But the fact that police can just shot another human, and plant a stun gun on them makes me sick. Not only did you jeopardize your carrer, you let the people that loved that man you shot think that who they love is a killer. I rest my case.


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